To Kids born in the 80's- 90's the name 'Ras Kimono' would definitely ring a bell and create a mental picture of a chubby man with long dreadlocks. Kids born in the 2000's should please not  attach the name to the kimono jacket. Ras Kimono was a legendary musician and reggae artist  who maintained relevance across the decades. Born as Ukeleke Onwubuya  in Delta State Nigeria, he made his debut music "Under pressure”, “Natty get jail” in 1989 which  instantly brought him to limelight
Before his death, he was a known international artiste who toured Africa, Europe and USA,  as well as winner of several awards
 the music industry. 
Will Ras kimono's death spell doom for the reggae genre in Nigeria? Discourse for another time
May the soul of the departed rest in peace
RAS KIMONO- SUNSET TOO SOON  RAS KIMONO- SUNSET TOO SOON Reviewed by Reine Mamzi on 17:55 Rating: 5

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