Charles Dawin believed life to be a product of evolution. Man evolved through the stages of Homo habilis, Homo sapiens, Homo erectus, and Australopithecus hence Man’s perception as higher animal.

Like human, science has survived its crudest stage so has civilization which is crucial to man’s survival.

The flux that characterizes man’s evolution has impacted upon everything associated with man, technology inclusive. Through this flux, Scientist have tried severally to train some animals perceived to be near Intelligent as humans to carry out cognitive tasks. such experiment was however met with minute breakthrough.

 The likes of Dogs and Chimpanzee’s though intelligent have lower intelligent quotient (IQ) that is why man’s intelligence remains no match to animals.
The field of technology in its quest to ease man’s labor has tried to bridge the gap between man’s intelligence and feats to be achieved by tapping into man’s intelligence to develop devices that can carry out task as well as solve problems like man.

This led to the development of robots though its existence is lost in antiquity some of its crudest form dates back to the 3rd Century with the first recorded design of humanoid robot designed by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1495.

This, as well as subsequent improvements could hardly fill the lacunae. This led to the invention of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
The term Artificial Intelligence was coined by John McCarthy. This has been defined as the study of intelligent agents capable of perceiving its environment and take action that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. To put succinctly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines. The use of AI has become relevant in all fields of human endeavor from medicine to banking to the field of law, as well as automobile to mention a few.
Japan, one of the technologically advanced countries on the globe has harnessed and explored Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its own benefit hereby reducing his workforce by embracing artificially enhanced robots to carry out tasks. One can conveniently say Japan is gradually replacing its human workforce with robots. Indian has also followed suit in its financial institutions.

Conventional jobs like passbook update, cash deposit, verification of customers details etc has become automated
In the field of automobile, attempt at producing self-driven automobiles dates as far back as the 1920’s Major breakthrough was aaoccasioned in 2015 when US states of Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Washington DC, Virginia permitted the testing of such self driven car on public roads and progress is being made till date.

 Unfortunately, in March 2018, one of such self driven cars owned by Uber was involved in a fatal accident in Arizona killing a 49 year old Eliane Herzberg whose family sued for damages but was later settled out off court.

This unfortunate incident, the first recorded human death caused by self driven cars led to the suspension of test driving self driven cars in Arizona.

On the 10th of May, 2018 Uber  in her press statement made it known to the public  that  her self driving test will resume in a couple of month. Shortly after the occurrence of this incident, a self driven car was spotted being test run in Lagos, Nigeria. This development was welcome with mixed feelings.

 Some saw it as a welcome development which will go a long way in  relieving the stress,  loss of lives and properties by reducing traffic collision and its many consequences caused by human error while others viewed such development as sorcery  at its peak hence the idea of a self-driven car is frowned at.
A very touchy area where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being explored is the Sex and Pornography industry. Dr Ian Pearson a futurologist predicted year 2050 as the year human and robot sex overtakes human to human sex.
Following the evolution of Sex toys AI enhanced is currently being designed with ability to exhibit human emotions and response this is against the backdrop that AI is likely to be unable to exhibit human emotions. 

Samantha, one of such sex toy was unveiled in Barcelona was designed to be interactive and responsive to touch and another named Harmony, a similar  sex toy like Samantha has also been designed to exhibit human emotion via the instrumentality of an app which can be used to fit it into a particular mood to be determined by its owner. McMullen, one of Harmony’s designer disclosed that their clientele base cut across the globe many of whom have taken solace in Sex toys owing to difficulty in maintaining stable relationships with women. This might spell doom for inter personal relationship(s) in the near future .

It is no news that every discovery or innovation is plagued by challenges. A major challenge facing continual exploitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) includes the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) acquiring a mind of its own in achieving assigned task which might be inconsistent with that of its programmer. In the event of such the only available remedy is destruction or shutting down such Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will invariably result in loss of resources.

Similarly some scientist have aired the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more intelligent than man should this narrow possibility materialize will Artificial Intelligence (AI)not attempt to annihilate or subject man to its dictate?
Another challenge that is yet to be resolved in favor of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is can it be innovative when faced with unforeseen problem? Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) fix problem without recourse to man’s conventional sixth-sense?

However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be embraced in carrying out lethal/ deadly task  which if carried out by man might lead to or increase loss of life and limb.  I.e tasks that exposes man to harmful chemicals and emissions.

In the word of Dr Nicola J. Mullard, Head of Customer insight and futures, BT Global Services innovation team

 “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a puzzle completed by Human Intelligence” One can conveniently conclude that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continually rely on Human Intelligence to blaze new trails in its quest to fulfill its mandate.

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The flux that characterizes man’s evolution has impacted upon everything associated with man, technology inclusive. Through this flux, Scientist have tried severally to train some animals perceived to be near Intelligent as humans to carry out cognitive tasks. such experiment was however met with minute breakthrough. 250-437 dumps

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