Hello dear readers and I hope the weekend is going as planned? Who else is yet to do his laundry? I guess some of us do  laundry any time of the week, well today we will be reviewing the top 5 detergents in Nigeria

Cleaning of fabrics can be stressful and confusing if you don’t know which detergent to use to achieve optimal result.

Some supposed laundry services worsen the matter as they wash our clothing in harsh detergents which leads to quick fading and shading on the long run.

In shopping for detergent one has to exercise due care. This article is your best guide when shopping for detergents.

As a child I remember the blue powdered detergent produced by Unilever as Omo Detergent was the face of powder detergent.

The fact that it a leading consumer care brand used in many Nigerian homes led to the generalization of all powder detergent as Omo.

It was a multi-purpose detergent that was packaged in a long white sack,  used in washing clothes, plates, general house cleaning and can be used as pot protectant when mixed with palm oil and ash.

 This mixture is used to protect pots from darkening especially when set on firewood. Many years later white powdered detergent flooded the market in large quantities and the blue powder detergent (Omo) gradually lost relevance.

The relevance of the unbranded white powdered detergent was short lived because it could not meet consumers need as most consumers complained of skin irritation after use.

Then came the sealed white powdered detergent produced like renown multinationals and family care companies like Proctor and Gamble (P& G), PZ Cusson, Unilever which was an improvement on both blue powdered and unbranded white powdered detergent.

These brands convinced their would-be consumers with catchy adverts that left consumers with a conviction. I remember vividly the adverts placed by Omo and Ariel aired on National Televisions at least 2 times a day.

These adverts portrayed these detergents as powerful enough to remove stains on fabrics without recourse to bleach.

In one of such advert, ketchup, palm oil and other substance were poured on a white shirt leaving it with horrible stains.
The stained white was later soaked then washed in in Ariel detergent and the stain was gone.

    In Nigeria, laundry detergent consists of two major variant namely Hand wash detergent and Machine wash detergent.

The hand wash detergent is suitable for hand washing clothes while the Machine wash is suitable for wash using a washing machine.

A picture of a washing machine or Auto is boldly written on machine wash detergents for easy identification.

The general rule of laundry is that light colors, Dark colors and white fabrics should be washed separately which is why sorting of fabrics is important to laundry.

The top 5 detergents in Nigeria 2018 to be reviewed includes
  • 1. Ariel detergent
  • 2. Sunlight 2-in-1 detergent
  • 3. Omo multi active detergent
  • 4. Canoe Complete Care detergent
  • 5. Persil detergent

1. Ariel Detergent review 2018

Ariel detergent is produced by Proctor and Gamble (P& G) packaged in 30g, 78g, 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2kg respectively.

Ariel Detergent contains unique enzymes and polymers that help remove tough stains in one wash.

 White lovers and those preparing for NYSC Orientation camp who wants their fabrics to remain sparkling clean should shop for Ariel detergent.

However in using Ariel detergent, ensure you dissolve the detergent in water and not on the fabric.

 This is because the detergent contains some colored detergent particles which can leave colored stains on your clothing if absorbed into it. I strongly discourage its usage for colorful cotton fabrics to avoid ruining it.

Ariel is gentle on the skin, with nice smelling fragrance and saves you the stress of scrubbing your fabrics.

The 30g pack of Ariel detergent  in Nigeria cost N50 in any retail outlet. Ariel is also available in machine wash variants.

2. Sunlight 2-in-1 Detergent review 2018

Sunlight detergent is also produced by Unilever Plc and comes in 3 variants namely the Sunlight Spring Sensation (Yellow Pack), Sunlight Tropical Sensation (Pink pack) and Sunlight Paradise Sensation for auto wash.

The detergent is available in small, medium and big sized packs of 25g which cost between N15 to N20, 225g, 70g, 120g, 900g, 1kg and 2kg respectively.

Unlike Ariel, Sunlight can be used to wash colored fabric. Sunlight detergent is gentle on the skin and its rich fragrance is retained after wash.

3. Omo Multi active Detergent review 2018

Omo multi active Detergent is produced and manufactured by Unilever the producer of the blue Omo detergent.

The detergent is water soluble, with a nice fragrance that is retained after wash, gentle on the hand and can be used in washing of toilets, mopping etc.

It is gentle on fabrics. Available in the following pack size: 25g 400g, 900g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg. Omo detergent is also available in machine wash variant. The Omo Multi active Detergent 1kg size sells for N950 on Jumia.

4. Canoe Complete Care detergent review 2018

 Canoe Complete Care detergent is produced by PZ Cusson, a leading family care brand, producer of canoe laundry soaps that includes bar soap and powdered detergent.

Canoe detergent is gentle on cloth and skin and endorsed by Da ViVa  an African leading  fashion brand.

To be honest, canoe detergent can be used in washing all types of fabric ranging from white clothing to Ankara, guinea and colorful clothing.

It might need bleach in order to give white fabric the desired sparkles.

The detergent comes in 25g, 250g, 900g and 1kg pack. The price of Canoe Complete Care detergent 900g sells for N1950 on Konga.

5. Presil detergent review 2018

Presil detergent is produced by Unilever is one of the best  Machine wash detergent  in circulation.

The detergent is made up of 33 biological powder and enzymes designed responsible for removing tough stains while preserving the color and fabric.

The price of Presil detergent 1.6kg cost about N2200 in retail outlets.

It dissolves instantly leaving your cloth with no particle or flake.

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