Almost everyone in Nigeria sure knows the Nokia 3310, except you were born in the 2000s. Nokia 3310 was the first mobile phone for most of us, my dad first used it and then I took it from him when he went for an upgrade years later.

The Nokia 3310 is known for its extreme toughness & ruggedity, its  unbreakable body and super-long battery life made Nokia 3310 one of the world's most loved mobile phone ever made.

According to a VentureBeat report, the Nokia 3310 is expected for a rebirth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26, 2017.

The original Nokia 3310 was released at the turn of the millennium and quickly became an instant favourite.

HMD Global, the Finnish company that has the rights to use Nokia's brand, may be looking to cash in on this nostalgia. Its huge success is already been anticipated.

You could't even break it even if you tried. Much later came all your smartphones with Gorilla glasses that needed a screen protector.

You could set up to four reminders on the Nokia 3310 and also choose which messages to be deleted. You should be ashamed of yourself if you forgot the legendary Snake game. There has never been a better phone game, my high scores were unbeatable.

The Nokia 3310 phone had over 35 ringtones built in with space for seven custom tones. There was also an option to make a tune using the tone composer.

Theres definitely no reason for me not to buy this phone, this time with my own money. And guess what? It is competitively affordable too, priced at €59 (about N30,000).

 So, for those looking for a second phone, this would be a good option as you will reminisce your first-mobile phone days. We desperately wish HMD will market the phone in Nigeria and Africa as a whole  pretty soon.

Let the countdown begin!

NOKIA 3310 MAKES AN EPIC COMEBACK, TO BE SOLD FOR ABOUT N30,000 NOKIA 3310 MAKES AN EPIC COMEBACK, TO BE SOLD FOR ABOUT N30,000 Reviewed by Adesanya Owolabi on 13:30 Rating: 5

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