Hello everyone, today we will looking at a new app from opera mini called "Opera Neon". Opera Neon is a web browser that is soon going to take over from the likes of Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This review will discuss all the unique features of the opera neon.


Opera is ready to pioneer the next phase of what web browsers will be in the not so distant future. To achieve this, Opera has announced a new concept web browser called Opera Neon. This is not an update of the mainstream Opera web browser. It is a concept web browser that Opera is using to reimaging what a browser can be.

Opera Neon is here to change your mind set of how a web browser should be by doing away with all the features of a web browser you have come to know and replacing them with a new courageous and impressive approach. It is a concept web browser. An experiment that is welcome.When you kickstart your browsing session, Opera Neon will automatically pull your computer’s wallpaper to act as a background to its start page.

 The typical tab bar at the top has also been replaced with easily identifiable bubbles on the side of the app. Interestingly, tabs that you use the most float to the top while the infrequently used ones are at the bottom.

Opera Neon also features video pop-out and an in-window split screen. This is aimed at allowing you to easily watch a video while you browse other sites. Alternatively, you can stack two windows next to each other without the need to open two browser windows.

You can now crop, snap and save images directly from the web and opera Neon will save it to the gallery tab. Your image will be labelled with its web address so you can return to the source page later.

You can’t really talk about web browsers without mentioning Opera Web Browser. Opera browser is a household name. Probably you have used or still use Opera Mini web browser as your main get away to the wide world web. Currently, Opera browser is the only desktop browser that comes with an integrated ad-blocker. Another feature that makes it stand out from the rest is the integrated free VPN.

This new concept web browser is available for MacOS and Windows.

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