Hello everyone, today we will be doing a toothpaste review and it promises to be very exciting. We are going to be looking at the best 10 toothpastes brands in Nigeria for the year 2016. Its December, the last month of the year 2016 and we reviewed quite a number of toothpastes brands that are very popular here in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. So in this review, we are bringing to you guys a list of our top 10 toothpastes brands in Nigeria.

We will be starting from number 10 down to number 1, we will also provide a little detail about the product and the manufacturers.


   MyMy denta fresh fluoride toothpaste is a quite popular brand particularly known for its cheap and affordable prices. It has been around in the Nigerian market for quite a while and it is manufactured by daruju industries limited. Daruju industries ltd was established in Nigeria as far back as 1988, it has other fmcg products such as MyMy sparkle multipurpose soap, MyMy and Rama fabric care detergents, fressia soaps, farha soaps etc. You can read our review on my my denta fresh fluoride toothpaste here


Aquafresh Multi action whitening toothpaste takes our number 9 spot on this countdown. Although it is not very popular like other toothpaste brands, its quality is one we can't ignore. Aquafresh multi action toothpaste is a product of Glaxosmithkline, other varieties of acquafresh toothpastes includes aquafresh ultimate white toothpaste, aquafresh extra-fresh+whitening toothpaste, aquafresh cavity protection toothpaste etc


Macleans toothpaste is one of the oldest and most popular toothpaste brands in Nigeria. Maclean's toothpaste is produced by Glaxosmithkline, other varieties from maclean's toothpaste includes maclean's milk teeth toothpaste for kids, macleans herbal toothpaste etc


Now this is a very great product, with cavity protection one of its best selling points, it has won so many awards recently in Nigeria, including coming first at world oral health day. Pepsodent toothpaste is manufactured by Unilever, they also recently signed an mou with the federal government to promote oral health and education in Nigeria.


Euthymol toothpaste is a very unique and peculiar brand of toothpaste, it is not like the regular fluoride toothpaste around. Euthymol toothpaste is made with thymol and is fluoride free. It is characterized by its bright pink color and medicinal taste. It is one of the oldest brands of toothpaste from england, and is well known for preventing mouth ulcer. Although not very popular amongst Nigerians but those who go for quality surely know this brand and are patronizing it.


On the number 5 spot on our top 10 toothpaste brands in Nigeria is Dabur Herbal toothpaste. Dabur herbal toothpaste is no doubt one of the best toothpastes in Nigeria and I know some of you will argue with me why it isn't number one, don't get me wrong, I love dabur toothpaste and it is even worthy to be number 1. Dabur herbal toothpaste is a product of dabur international ltd (from India) but has recently partnered with chemical and allied products (CAP Plc) Nigeria (in 2004) to trade its product here in Nigeria.


Sensodyne toothpaste is one brand that is fast taking over the Nigerian market and I am particularly impressed with the product. Sensodyne toothpaste is the number one dentist recommended toothpaste for sensitive teeth in Nigeria, it protects, repairs and provides effective lasting relief from teeth sensations. Sensodyne toothpaste is a product of Glaxosmithkline group of companies. If you are the type that love sweet mouths like cake, ice cream, cold drinks etc then I will recommend you make Sensodyne toothpaste your best friend.


Oral-B is one of the very bests in the industry right now, ofcouse it will be the first choice of some of you guys here. The way it became extremely popular amongst Nigerians points to the fact that quality and affordability has everything to do with it. Oral-B toothpaste is a product of Procter and Gamble (P&G) and was launched into the Nigerian market few years ago and has done immensely well so far.


Now this is a very hard decision for me and I know I won't be very popular with most of you, lol. Closeup is by far the most popular toothpaste brand not just in Nigeria alone but Africa as a whole. Obviously some of you guys will pick it as your number one and I totally understand. Closeup toothpastes has a lot of wonderful varieties that if I want to speak of their amazing qualities then this review will become a lot longer than I want it. I had previously done a detailed review of closeup herbal toothpaste and you can read it here. I also did another closeup deep action toothpaste review and you can read it here too. Closeup toothpastes is produced by Unilever Nigeria PLC.


YES! This is my number one toothpaste!!! I choose Colgate fluoride toothpaste as my number one brand because to me, it is the best I have used. Its quality is second to none, very effective in combating plaque, its freshness lasts longer, it is minty, whitens your teeth and lots more. I did a detailed review of Colgate fluoride toothpaste and you can read it here. Colgate fluoride toothpaste is manufactured by Colgate Palmolive ltd located in South Africa.

That is it, our list of top 10 toothpastes brands in Nigeria! I know you wanna share your thoughts, please do share them with us by dropping your comments below.

Have a great day my lovelies!

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