Hello everyone, we will be reviewing a food/snack called minimie chin-chin. This is not the first time that we will be reviewing a "chin-chin" snack, we previously reviewed one called "digestive chin-chin" and you can read the post here in case you missed it.


When it comes to taking snacks, one has to be very careful of the kind of snacks we purchase because we do not know how they are been prepared. Some of the most common snacks we have in Nigeria are meat pie, egg roll, fish roll, chin-chin etc. Most of them are locally made and obviously not by professionals. So it is always advisable to buy well packaged snacks made by credible caterers.

Like in Nigeria for example, 80% of the chin-chin are locally made and can be found around motor parks, roadside shops and street hawkers. Only few of them like minimie chin-chin and digestive chin-chin are properly made and packaged. Minimie chin-chin and digestive chin-chin are obviously the biggest brands in Nigeria at the moment. I still see a lot of room for investors to come in, the market is really doing great.

Now what makes minimie chin-chin stand out and top of the market? Its obviously the taste! Minimie chin-chin is very tasty, it is no doubt the sweetest chin-chin I have ever tasted. When I first ate minimie chin-chin, I felt so happy and satisfied, it left me wondering what it was made up of that made it taste so sweet, unique and different from the rest. It was clear from the taste that it contained very rich ingredients like wheat flour, milk, egg, margarine etc. They obviously didn't minimize ingredients like most local caterers will do just to increase sales.

Now comparing the minimie chin-chin and digestive chin-chin, you will realize that the former is richly made with all the necessary ingredients needed for making chin-chin including adequate sugar, salt, etc while the later is a low fat snack. So they obviously appeal to different tastes and people.

Another thing I mustn't forget to talk about the minimie chin-chin is the packaging! In fact I will score the minimie chin-chin a 10/10 in this area. The packaging is standard, Nigerians have surely not seen a chin-chin this well packaged before. It is also important to state that minimie chin-chin comes from Dufil, the same brand that houses amazing products like indomie, power oil etc.


Minimie chin-chin is manufactured by Pure Flour Mills Ltd located at 68B, Uniport road, chaoba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.
It is distributed in Ghana by Multipro Consumer products limited situated at 28/2,  Sanyo road, Heavy industry area, pmb 167, comm. 1 , Team, Accra Ghana.
And it is distributed in Nigeria by Multipro Consumer Products Ltd located at 44, Jimoh Odutola street, iganmu, lagos, Nigeria.


For product inquiries, questions or comments, you can reach minimie chin-chin customer care attendants via the following numbers below:

Nigeria: +2348151157777

Ghana: +23357000000

Or by visiting their website on


Minimie chin-chin has a Nafdac registration number of 08-0886


Minimie chin-chin comes in an attractive red wrapper and Minimie chin-chin has a size/net weight of 60g. It is chopped in big square crunchy balls.


minimie chin-chin used to be N30 but has increased to N50 mainly because of the recent fall in the naira and of course the economic recession we are currently facing in Nigeria. Hopefully it will revert to the normal price of N30 after the recession. It can be found in local shops, mega shops like shoprite, and other supermarkets.


The closest substitute to the minimie chin-chin is digestive chin-chin because it is the only chin-chin snack that can almost match the quality of minimie chin-chin.


You don't need a sooth sayer to tell you that minimie chin-chin is going to score very high our rate scale because they are obviously the best in the game. Its delicious great taste, standard packaging and of course its extremely cheap and very affordable price (for such mind blowing quality ) is why it is number one in Nigeria. Minimie chin-chin has an impressive rating of 8/10 on our rate scale.

Hope you a enjoyed this review, let us hear from you, please drop your comments below.

Have a great day my lovelies!

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