Hello everyone, today we are going to be looking at a "Black Friday" campaign that will be holding in a few days from now in Nigeria, from the obviously biggest online shopping mall in Nigeria called JUMIA.
I will be reviewing the 2016 JUMIA black Friday event here.

Although this is not the first time JUMIA will be attempting to do a black friday in Nigeria, this time it seems like they are really ready for business. Recent black Fridays that JUMIA has done in the past have been often greeted with dissatisfaction amongst their customers. This is largely because the time frame for them to make their purchases is often too short, also the major price slashes and mouthwatering deals are not actually the ones they were expecting.

For example, last year I was looking forward to buying electrical appliances like flat screen TVs, home theatre systems, generators, washing machine, microwave, oven, deep freezers/ refrigerators. So I had all hopes on getting at least a 50% price slash, it was not like that! I didn't even see a 30% price discount on these products. Instead I was seeing price discount on cosmetics, baby toys, fashion accessories etc.

So this year, JUMIA has obviously thought it out and have made a very wise decision, they have resolved to extend their black Friday campaign from the traditional one day event to a whooping 2 weeks (12 days) of shopping madness! When I first heard about I was super excited and immediately drew up my shopping list. There's no way I am going to lose out on this wonderful opportunity given to us by JUMIA.

The 2016 JUMIA 12day  black friday will be starting on the 14th of November to 25th of November 2016. It is safe to say that it is going to be a black November from JUMIA Nigeria. According to JUMIA, they have promised us a lot of amazing deals all for grabs so I forewarn you all to be prepared for them, give them! Fun won tan *in koker's voice* hehehe.

Other items that is up for grabs at the 2016 JUMIA black Friday events includes smartphones, jewelry, food items, groceries, beauty products, gift items, hampers, hair clippers, etc

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