Hello my darling and loyal readers, today we are going to be doing a product review even though it seems to be a lil long time since we last did one. Today's review promises to be worth your while and educative as always. We will be reviewing a pest, flea, tick, insect, bed bug control formula called Baygon insecticides.


If you have been an ardent reader of Review Rites Nigeria  , you will observe that this is not the first time that we will be reviewing an insecticide, pesticide, exterminator or whatever name you wish to call it. We had previously reviewed an insect killer/insecticide named Raid multipurpose insect killer and should in case you missed the post or haven't joined the Review Rites Nigeria family then you can read it for yourself here.

One interesting thing about this review that we will be doing is because it is the same makers/manufacturers of the Raid Multipurpose insect killer that also made the Baygon insecticides. Although they are quite similar, there are still differences and uniqueness between them and that is what exactly I will be pointing out in this review.

To the average Nigerian man, the main reason why he would want to use an insect or pest spray is to exterminate or get rid of mosquitoes. Its not as if mosquitoes are the only insects that can be found in Nigeria but because it is the harmful and deadly. A lot of lives is being lost yearly not only in Nigeria or Africa but the rest of the world. So importance is placed on finding the right/best agent/formula for eradicating these pests like bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes etc.

While choosing the best ways to curb this menace certain factors like cost, effectiveness and long lasting power must be considered. While some people will go for fumigation or local exterminators, others will prefer to use insect spray, drops or coils.

Baygon insecticides is an affordable insecticide that is very efficient in pest/insect control. I have used lots products but the Baygon insecticides is by far the most efficient when you want to reduce cost and at the same time get quality.

Baygon insecticides is specially formulated to tackle flying and crawling insects like mosquitoes, spiders, ants, flies, cockroaches etc and kills them in an extremely fast manner. I experimented this when I saw a cockroach on the wall in my room, I instantly grabbed my Baygon insecticides and sprayed it directly on it. In less than 5 seconds the cockroach was lifeless, I was marveled at its efficacy.

Baygon insecticides is mainly composed of prallethrin, imiprothrin and cyfluthrin which makes it highly efficient in killing flying and crawling insects/pest. No doubt that the major selling point of Baygon insecticides is its ability to kill flying/crawling insects fast, this quality alone is enough for it stand out, in addition to it's relatively cheap cost.


Baygon insecticides is a product of SC Johnson, a family name in the Nigerian market. Baygon insecticides is manufactured by JOHNSON WAX NIGERIA LIMITED located at 13/14 Abimbola street, isolo industrial estate, Lagos Nigeria.


Baygon insecticides has a Nafdac registration number of A5-0549.
It has a net volume of 300ml (e/405).


If you wish to make an inquiry or require support of any kind about Baygon insecticides you can speak to their home care officers on +234 7029317638 or send an email to Baygon insecticides customer care consultants via or visit their website on


The price of Baygon insecticides is between N300 to N400 depending on where you buy it. It can be found in shoprite, or any other big stores. It can also be found online in places like savecart. Local shops around also sell Baygon insecticides.


Many other products like raid multipurpose insect repellant, Mobil insecticides, etc can serve as suitable alternatives.


I had an awesome time using Baygon insecticides and will definitely recommend it to you guys. Its power is in ability to tackle flying/crawling insects like cockroach, flies, mosquitoes etc. Another good thing about Baygon insecticides is that it is cheaper than its counterparts so its definitely an advantage over the others. Baygon insecticides has a rating of 7/10 from us.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, let us hear of your user experience with this product by dropping your comments below.

Have a blessed day!

BAYGON INSECTICIDES REVIEW 2016 BAYGON INSECTICIDES REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 15:23 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this review because I just finished spraying Baygon directly at over 30 mosquitoes on my window net and after 10minutes they are still flying about in the room as I'm typing this. Every blessed day I spray the rubbish and yet mosquitoes wake me up at nights even while sleeping under a mosquito net. So I wanted to know if Ithere were similar genuine observation by other users and stumbled on this blog. BAYGON IS NOT WORKING UNLESS SOMEONE IS PRODUCING IMITATION. MOREOVER BAYGON GIVES ME A MIGRAINE ATTACK. SO TODAY WOULD BE THE LAST USAGE OF BAYGON.

Admin do a proper survey before your conclusion. Something is wrong somewhere!

ReviewRites said...

hello mr anonymous above, i'm glad that you took time out to share your experience, i totally understand how you feel, this is the purpose of this blog so that we all can learn from our different individual experiences.

Personally, my experience with baygon insecticide was fine as you read above. It is possible for others to have quite different experiences but we cant just conclude that it is not working based on your experience.

It could be that you used an adulterated or expired product, hopefully others will drop their own experiences and then we would have more deductions to act upon. Sooner or later the manufacturers will see your complains and the situation would be duly addressed.

Meanwhile you can try out other similar products and please let us know how it went, have a great day!

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