Hello my people, this is something that we have been expecting for a while now, Etisalat Nigeria has joined other network service providers like MTN, Ntel and globacom in providing the 4G LTE service.

As expected, Etisalat Nigeria has also joined tge 4G LTE family. This is coming just few days after Globacom launched theirs. So now, out of the big four telecom operators in Nigeria, MTN, Glo and Etisalat now supports 4G LTE network which leaves only Airtel in the GSM 3G network category, but Airtel's announcement is not far away anymore.

Mtn was actually the first of the big four to launch it's 4G LTE network after it acquired
Visafone last year, but now Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has re-
framed the (1800Mhz) spectrum which now makes it possible for other telecom providers to
launch their own 4G network even without owning a 4G spectrum. Kudos to NCC, welcomed development.

At the moment, Globacom currently offers the widest 4g network coverage as it's available in 9 cities while Mtn is available in 3 cities and Etisalat 4G network coverage is only available in some parts
of Lagos at the moment. But the telecommunications company has promised to expand his network coverage soon.

So if you happen to be one of those whose smartphone isn't compatible with Glo and Etisalat
4g LTE, then you might want to check out Etisalat instead as it supports more older 4G LTE
Smartphones compared to the rest. Another good thing is that all Etisalat sim cards are Universal
Subscriber Identity Module (USIM) which means there is no need upgrading your sim card before you can enjoy the Etisalat 4g service.

While we wait on Airtel to release theirs, you currently have a different options to choose from.
You can read more on the Glo 4g and Mtn or vissafone 4G.

Let us hear your opinions and views....

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