Hello all, today we will be reviewing another biscuit called "Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer". We previously reviewed Mcvities Hobnobs Oat biscuits here in case you missed it and today we will be looking at a wafer kind of biscuit. In this review you will see why Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer is special, its manufacturer details, price and lots more.


Like I mentioned in my previous post on biscuits, its quite hard for me to be impressed with biscuits, it has to be highly exceptional! I know I boasted that I don't eat cheap biscuits but even though the Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer isn't exactly cheap I would say its above average.

There have been reports of an alleged poisoning in jack n Jill Lausanne wafer biscuit, I have addressed the situation and you can read the post below

Jack n Jill biscuit poisoning

I got to know about Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer when I was out to take an aptitude test in a different city, I was at the venue quite early because I had to travel very early to the city. I couldn't take breakfast or atleast my usual beverage in the morning before jetting off. The aptitude test was billed to start at 10:00am but African time or more specifically " Nigerian time" was a usual factor.

12:00 PM and the officials were still not on ground, I was famished and needed to eat something ASAP! I saw some other candidates around buying stuffs so I decided to buy too besides we were reading hard for the test and the much needed break was calling. Of course I didn't want to buy cooked food so I opted for snacks. I went to the lady selling snacks and believe me I spent quite about 10mins looking for the one biscuit that will tickle my fancy. I searched and searched until I found Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer. It was my very first time seeing it but I said to myself "a wafer can't be wrong right now".

Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer is a wafer filled with milk cream, its vanilla taste is simply delicious and irresistible. If you are a lover of dairy products like me then you will absolutely love the Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer. It is satisfying and refreshing, very affordable and can be easily purchased anywhere in Nigeria.

Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer served its purpose well and even exceeded it, I was satisfied and recharged. It was really a memorable and enjoyable experience.


Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer is manufactured by URC (Thailand) Co. Ltd situated at 1/123 Samutsakorn industrial estate, Samutsakorn.
It is solely distributed by H&H in Ghana and Nigeria. You can contact H&H Lagos by calling 2348137077238.


Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer has a Nafdac registration number of C1-1316


Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer has a net weight of 38g and it comes in an attractive red and blue wrapper. There are 5 wafers in each pack of a Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer.


The price of the Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer is N50 and can be readily purchased in local shops and supermarkets nationwide.


Eating Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer made me realize that you can still get quality for a very affordable price. My first experience made me ask for more and it wasn't so difficult getting it to buy (even in different cities I have traveled to). Its relatively cheap price is no doubt a good attribute. I would recommend it to anyone because it is of top quality! We rate Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer a 6.5/10 rating on our rate scale.

To read on jack n biscuit poisoning, see post below

Jack n Jill biscuit poisoning

Hope you enjoyed this review, kindly share with us your experience with Jack n Jill Lausanne wafer.

Have a nice day!

JACK N JILL LAUSANNE WAFER REVIEW 2016 JACK N JILL LAUSANNE WAFER REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 16:17 Rating: 5


hamidu azizu said...

Hello sir, please some people were reporting this biscuit on social medias that it contain some poisnous that has kill some people so i have the here. If more details text your whatsapp number for me to send you the picture thank you (+233267100413)

Abdul Gafar Mohammed said...

this biscuit is said to be poisonous true or false

Abdul Gafar Mohammed said...

this biscuit is said to be poisonous true or false

Review Rites said...

Hello hamidu, please can you provide me with more details about your claims? In which country is the poisoning experienced? Please send me the details to info@reviewrites.com

@abdul gafar, I cannot say for sure if it actually poisonous. I personally ate the biscuit some months ago and it wasn't poisonous. I will write a report immediately I get more facts.

Thanks all

Odewale Hammed said...

Someone sent this to my whatsapp
Hi, pls pass this to your friends on your contact list -Just got dis Please, don't buy or eat any biscuits called jack n jill . Customs says it was shipped into Nigeria from South Africa where it has killed 45 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions. If u don't believe check google for more details "jack n jill biscuits" Save lives as I just saved yours.

Anonymous said...

I think its false, i have been eating this biscuit for some time and i never experienced any thing like poisoning...maybe somebody is trying to bring the company down

Odewale Hammed said...

It's quite probable and possible.... The last time I ate d biscuit was early this year. I'm still alive and sound....

Odewale Hammed said...

It's quite probable and possible.... The last time I ate d biscuit was early this year. I'm still alive and sound....

Review Rites said...

@odewale hammed, that's my point exactly, to my knowledge no deaths has been recorded or any case of poisoning whatsoever. Sooner or later we will have more details on the issue

Thanks to everyone for their contributions so far

Egere Samuel.o.c. said...

This news is from the pit of hell, i have taken time to go through online sources that spoke against its consumption and some claim that it was shipped from south Africa some other claim that its from Tanzania. This is a clear evidence of an industrial espionage(from other comapies) and propaganda. i will kindly inform my fellow Nigerians to Neglect such despicable information,...Thank you

kosi fidelis said...

I just heard this biscuit is poisonous.. I want to confirm if it's true

Dauda Ali Mahama said...

Hello friends..
Good morning to you all..
Well I don't think it's true.. Am sure some people are out there creating blog messages on web sites and other social medias to bring down the company.. I wanna sure you all that am even in the process eating these same biscuits people are claiming it's poisonous.....
I would have been a deadsoul if it's should contain any poisonous substance....
Thank You...

Julius Willie said...

I was with the sole distributor of this product two days ago being 19th December, 2016. And I ate this same biscuit with my family on the said day, we still very much hearty and hale. Here is the true position regarding that hilarious and miss informing info. The sales manager told me that the news is believed to be peddled by one of their sacked staff members. The company had to close for some month due to scarcity of forex in Nigeria. They just started business some few weeks back. Here are some questions you must answer to believe what I just said: How long does it take this product to kill its victim when taken? Do have any detail of its victim(s)? Who is the source of the vindictive post on social media and his/her details? Does the product has NAFDAC Reg Number? Why is nobody holding NAFDAC Responsible for any lost out of 45? Which state, city, town or village experienced the huge lost without raising alarm. Anyone who lies for the world, will also lie against the world. let the architect of that info resolve his personal difference the management of the company. Do not believe nothing, believe Something. Thanks, My info: 07069204258

Aly Fofana said...

Moi personnellement, j'achete regulièrement ce produit pour ma petite famille, il ya exactement 1 an, franchement aucun problème chez moi, je considère donc cette information comme une intoxication.

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