Hello everyone, today's review will be on a global and widely accepted brand that has been key in developing our kids and nourishing our families; the Blue Band Margarine. In this review, we will see the benefits of choosing this brand, prices, availability and also reasons why Blue Band has grown so popular amongst Nigerians and Africans at large.


Growing up as a kid, it was a culture and tradition for us to take bread with margarine, bread with omelet, or bread with tea for breakfast. One of our favorites was the bread with margarine combination, that was when my love for blue band margarine started. It was in that time that the viral advert "B without BB is like a train without an engine" was on, so it made we kids (back then) fall in love even more with Blue Band Margarine. Well, the love this brand has been growing too and I don't think its going to end anytime soon.

Blue Band Margarine is a high quality spread known and trusted by everyone in this part of the world, it is ideal for spreading on bread, cooking and baking. Blue Band Margarine has been a daily source of essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, Niacin, Folic acid etc for families all over the world.

Blue Band Margarine is made from high quality vegetable oils and it contains the essential fats and vital vitamins that is necessary for development of unborn babies, for growth, vision and immune response. It helps utilize calcium for strong bones and teeth.

As a global brand, blue band margarine recognizes international nutritional guidelines from the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). It contains good fats such as omega-3, omega-6, and polyunsaturates, unlike the regular butter out there in the market that is high in fat.

Another great reason why blue band margarine is popular amongst Africans in general is because it takes into consideration the different kinds of taste and diets of the people. Blue band margarine is available at different fat levels to suit everyone, there is a 70% fat spread blue band margarine and also a low fat spread blue band margarine.

Finally, the benefit I consider the most fabulous is because it is pocket friendly. Blue band margarine is available in different sizes to suit the varying income levels of the people. There is a 450g, 250g and even single sachets for low income consumers.


Blue band margarine is made by Unilever Ghana Ltd (plot no. Ind/A/2/3A-4 Heavy Industrial area, Tema, Ghana) for Unilever Nigeria Plc (RC 113) situated at 1 billings way, Oregun, Lagos state, Nigeria.


Blue band margarine has a Nafdac registration number of 01-0124 and it is endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria.


Blue band margarine is a yellow soft cream that comes in an attractive yellow container with a blue lid/cover. The net weight of blue band margarine varies from 450g, 250g and even single use sachets.


Some of the close alternatives for blue band margarine includes moi margarine.


The cost of blue band margarine (450g) varies from between N350 - N400. I bought a 450g blue band margarine from shoprite at N359.99. It can be readily purchased from local shops, stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and even from online shops like savecarts.


Experts have shown that for growing children spreading soft margarine (like blue band margarine) is much better than spreading butter which is high in saturated fat. Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning has been proven to enhance children's ability to concentrate at school. Another good attributes of blue band margarine is because it is relatively cheap and comes in different sizes to suit the income of everyone. I will definitely recommend it to anyone because my experience using this brans has been nothing but enjoyable. Blue band margarine has an amazing 8/10 from us on our rate scale.

I hope you all enjoyed this review? Let us hear what you think about this product by commenting below.

Have a nice day!

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