Hello everybody, today Review Rites Nigeria will be taking a look at a very brilliant handiwork of a Nigerian. We will be reviewing a mobile application called Account Verifier. In this review, you will learn the uses of this app, how it works, where to get it and of course our views/opinions.


The world is going global and it is important we move along with it too! There have been a lot of cases where people transfer money, really huge sums of money to the wrong bank accounts. Most times, the money gets returned while in some cases it don't. An average Nigerian will say it is a blessing from God, but hey there are still some good people out there. I recently read about a security man that returned $10,000 to the right authorities.

Now, looking at the account verifier app, all the hassles associated with going to the customer service desk in your bank just to verify a bank account number is a thing of the past. With the Account Verifier app, you are sure not to send money to the wrong persons ever again, be it a scam, fraud or mistaken identity, the account verifier app has got you all covered!

Account Verifier is a mobile application that will help you prevent errors when making transactions, identity theft or scam is checked and the issue of sending money to the wrong bank account will be history when you use the account verifier app. The app is easy to use, very straight forward, it has got all the Nigerian banks listed on it, even microfinance banks too. All you have to do is select the bank name you wish to confirm, then input the bank number. It will bring the bank details out in less than 5 seconds. It will provide you with the name on the account whose account number who just imputed. I tried it out for all the bank account numbers of my family members and it worked perfectly. It brought out the 3 names on the accounts; Surname, first name and middle names. So it helps you confirm all your worries and fears in less than a minute.

One thing I really love about this app is its simplicity, very easy to use, even the elderly ones and pensioners will have no issues whatsoever in using this app. It is very light too, just 3mb and can be easily downloaded in your mobile app store. It is great to see Nigerians make use of their brains to create something that will benefit the nation at large.


The app is a problem solver, it is one that everyone needs to have on his or her smartphone. Though it is still new, it has a huge prospect of spreading like wildfire. Another advantage is that it is very light, just 3mb so it won't consume your memory space.


I personally thought it would have been a lot better if we can confirm the bank account numbers we want with just the bank name and recipient name because this is always the typical scenario, we always know the persons name and bank name, sometimes we would have written or saved the account number wrongly. So I'm saying if the makers of this app look in this direction and improve on it then it will be absolutely amazing.

To download the Account Verifier app is free, it is currently available on Google play store, simply click the link below to download


We must appreciate the ingenuity and idea of the developer, this is an absolute masterpiece, it is a problem solver and will save a lot of money that is been lost to fraudsters and errors. I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there. I have tried it out and I think you need to try it out too! We rate the Account Verifier app an amazing 7/10 on our rate scale.

Please let us hear from you and what you think of this app, drop your ratings and reviews below by commenting so we can all learn.

Have a great day!

ACCOUNT VERIFIER APP REVIEW 2016 ACCOUNT VERIFIER APP REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 16:12 Rating: 5

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