Hi everyone, today we will be reviewing a multipurpose detergent called WAW Multi-use detergent. In this review, we will show you the amazing benefits of using WAW multi-use detergent and why we recommend it to you all.


Having a detergent that can serve quite a number of purpose other than the regular detergents that are solely for laundry is very hard to find, so when I discovered the WAW multi-use detergent I was very happy. WAW multi-use detergent is specially formulated so that it can serve more than one purpose, like washing of clothes, dishes, and also for cleaning surfaces like floors, tiles, toilets, bathtubs, sinks etc.

What prompted me to try out the WAW multi-use detergent was because I needed a very affordable detergent alternative that is equally as effective as the others I have been using. This is due to the fact that I was spending quite a lot of money buying detergents. My use of detergents increased drastically when I purchased a Haier Thermocool washing machine from Konga. I realized that I used more detergents, twice the quantity when I use my hands to wash my clothes. So my continuous use of the washing machine meant that my budget for detergents had to increase.

What I did was to first reduce the quantity of detergents I use on my washing machine but it didn't help because I wasn't getting optimal satisfaction so I was left with no option but to increase my detergent budget. After some weeks I decided that I would shop for cheaper alternatives instead of spending so much money on detergents. That was how I discovered WAW multi-use detergent, now I am able to wash my clothes optimally with my new washing machine, with even more quantity of detergents because WAW multi-use detergent is 30% cheaper than other detergents and i got same results as with others.

Also, I had options with the WAW multi-use detergent because I used it for more than one purposes like washing of clothes, dishes, floors etc. I instantly became a huge fan of WAW multi-use detergent because it cares for my pocket. I was able to save more more money and also get a variety of options, now that is real value for my money.


WAW multi-use detergent is made by Expand Global Industries Ltd, situated at plot 9, block f, oluyole industrial estate, extension, Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.


WAW multi-use detergent has a Nafdac registration number of 02-6666 and an NIS number of CT-3646.


The WAW multi-use detergent is a fine white detergent and has a net weight of 200g.


Some of the closest alternatives of WAW multi-use detergent includes so klin multipurpose detergent & soap, Sunlight 2in1 detergents etc.


The price of the WAW multi-use detergent powder is N80 for a 200g pack while a dual pack (2X 200g) is sold for N150. It can be purchased easily from your local shops and supermarkets nationwide.


One of the most outstanding advantage of using the WAW multi-use detergent is because it is very cheap and affordable, that means almost everyone can easily access it. Secondly, the WAW multi-use detergent can serve more than one purpose, which is a real value for your money. I would recommend the WAW multi-use detergent to anyone who wants a cheaper, multipurpose detergent for his/her household cleanings. The WAW multi-use detergent has an impressive rating of 7/10 on our rate scale.

I hope you enjoyed this review, kindly share your thoughts and experience about this product by commenting below.

Have a nice day!
WAW MULTI-USE DETERGENT REVIEW 2016 WAW MULTI-USE DETERGENT REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 16:24 Rating: 5

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