Hello all, today we will be looking at the latest edition of the infinix hot series, the infinix hot 3 (X554). In this review, we will learn about the strengths of the infinix hot 3, what makes it special and different from the other series, its price and also its weaknesses.


A lot of questions have been raised about the pedigree and quality of the new infinix hot 3, if it is actually worth upgrading to. So many people I have met say that they prefer and would stick to their infinix hot 2, rather than buying the new infinix hot 3. Reason been that there is so much similarities and no "wow factor" or mind blowing effect on the new infinix hot 3. I beg to differ, there are so many new and amazing features in this new release, you just have to pay attention to little details to find them and appreciate them! Although there are some things I didn't quite like but the likes for me outweighs the dislikes.

Let's start off with the physical characteristics, the new infinix hot 3 is extremely light for a 5.5 inches smartphone weighing just 167g. It's featherweight will make you wonder if a battery is actually in it! Like its previous series, it is covered in a smooth plastic case with chamfered edges, making it easy to grip and hold. Trust infinix mobile to always makes their devices trendy and fine, it comes in fancy colors like pink, blue, grey, white and gold. Personally, I would have wished it to come with a gorilla glass but it didn't, but infinix did put a screen protector. Like most of the other infinix phones, the 3 capacitive buttons are constant, same arrangements, the only difference is that it doesn't have a backlight (for the capacitive buttons) which I consider very poor from infinix.

The infinix hot 3 takes about 40 seconds to power on and just 3 seconds to power off, pretty fast I must confess. Considering the sound quality, I honestly didn't expect too much from infinix, they are not known for making music phones unlike Tecno so I won't judge them. However they did make little adjustments though, by placing the speaker ( a mono sport speaker) way beneath (down left) the phone. The sound quality improved quite a bit especially when its on your palms, though not too loud (or with considerable bass), it was just okay for a phone of its standard.

The camera of the infinix hot 3 deserves credits and I give them the kudos, it comes with an 8 megapixels back shooter camera with LED flash, auto focus, geo tagging, face detection, HDR, panorama and lots more. While the front camera is a 2 megapixels soft flash camera which makes it ideal for taking selfies. So if you are a selfie freak then your game is tight with the infinix hot 3. Some other cool camera features includes skin beautification mode, that is meant to filter and patch up the imperfections (like holes, scars, pimples) on your face. It also has a voice recognition feature, it listens to your voice and snaps when you say the word 'cheese'. Other cool features includes the gesture mode, it snaps when you smile or when you make the peace sign (by raising 2 fingers up).

For gamers like me, you will definitely enjoy the infinix hot 3 5.5 inches HD display for games like subsway surf, bike racing, sonic dash marathon etc. With the mediatek MT 6580 quad core, 1GB RAM and the infinix XUI skin, you can be rest assured that you won't experience any sort of freezing or slowing down when you play your favorite games.

The battery life of the infinix hot 3 is also very impressive, with 3000mAh removable battery you are guaranteed 8 hours, that is when you use it moderately ( adequate brightness level, minimized use of WiFi, Bluetooth, camera etc). Charging the infinix hot 3 takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to charge full from 0-100%, with the network off and connectivity (Bluetooth, WiFi, ) off too.

In general, the infinix hot 3 is an absolute masterpiece, considering its relatively cheap price. It is difficult to get a device with all these qualities for a reasonable amount, especially when you compare it to other big name brands (like Samsung Mobile) with similar functions. New improved features like the soft flash, XUI skin, etc makes the infinix hot 3 indeed a worthy upgrade. Though some weaknesses like the 1GB RAM cannot be overlooked. It is questionable for a phone with so much goodies to come with just 1GB RAM, but hey, we cannot have it all.


The price of the infinix hot 3 in the Nigerian market ranges from between N26,000 - N37,000. It can be purchased online from online malls like Konga and JUMIA.


Although a lot of people see the infinix hot 3 as a less worthy upgrade to the infinix hot 2 that is still doing a lot well in the market, I believe that there are still some top features that will indeed change the public opinion in a matter of time. The mere fact that it has a good battery life, wonderful camera features, its cheap cost and most importantly its light weight and trendiness, makes it a good option for people who desire a mid-ranged smartphone. It can serve the purpose of a main phone and not a secondary phone as many has claimed. The 1GB RAM that has attracted a lot of criticisms is not as bad as it seems because you can comfortably run as much as 5 applications simultaneously without any hassles. There is also a 2GB RAM option, (though its quite scarce in the Nigerian market for now) for those that simply can't make do with the 1GB RAM variant. The infinix hot 3 has a 6.5/10 rating from us on our rate scale.

I hope you all enjoyed this review, let me hear what you think by dropping your comments and opinions below.

Do have a great day!
INFINIX HOT 3 REVIEW 2016 INFINIX HOT 3 REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 21:11 Rating: 5

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