Hi everyone, today we will be looking at a mobile application called "FillYaTank". In this review, we will learn all there is to know about this app, how to earn points, make money while using the app and lots more.


With the persistent fuel scarcity and hike in petroleum products that we have been experiencing, some Nigerians have come up with a good initiative to assist Nigerians save time, energy and money in our quest to obtain these basic necessities through the FillYaTank mobile app. With the FillYaTank app, we can build a community where we can get daily updates on the availability and prices of petroleum products in our various locations. This will help us save time and energy in scouting for the products and also tell us where to get it at cheaper rates.

FillYaTank mobile application is a crowdsourcing app built to help Nigerians save money and time when buying petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and gas. The FillYaTank app is meant to be fun and rewarding, its fun because it is like a game where you get to earn points for each report you give. It is rewarding in the sense that you can win as much as N3000 daily if you accumulate a certain amount of points that will qualify you for a draw. Anyone can partake and become a spotter, it is available in all 36 states in Nigeria but is actively available in only 7 cities for now; abuja, akwa ibom, bayelsa, cross river, enugu, Lagos and port harcourt.

The FillYaTank app uses GPS to access your location and provide you with a list of filling stations in your city, then as a spotter you update the availability and prices of any filling station you are able to get information on. You can do this when you go out, pass by or buy these petroleum products from filling stations around you.

To earn money on FillYaTank app is easy, you earn 200 points for every report you give and can only earn a maximum of 1000points daily. That means only 5 updates will give you points, if you update more than 5 times the other reports won't give you points. If you are able to accumulate 1000 points in a day, you will automatically qualify for a draw to win N3000. As a spotter you can earn a ranking badge that will give you the ability to input new filling stations in your city and earn an extra 500 points for every new filling station you input. To earn this ranking badge you must accumulate 360,000 points, that is you must have updated your spotting profile for 360 days (almost a year).

The FillYaTank mobile app is first of its kind, it is a new initiative that will help Nigerians in the long run. The fact that they have made it like a game where you can win prizes daily makes it interesting and enticing too.

To get the FillYaTank app is free, all you have to do is Download the app from your mobile app stores.

Android users can download the FillYaTank app from Google Play or via the link below:

iOS  users can download the FillYaTank app from iOS app store or via the link below:


First if all I would like to commend the makers of this application because it is a good way of ending the fuel scarcities that we have been facing here in Nigeria. One of the things that I like is that it solves a problem and at the same time rewards its users. My reservations however is that I wasn't too impressed that the service is not yet available in many cities in the country, hopefully they will fix it soon. The FillYaTank mobile app has a rating of 6/10 from us on our rate scale.

I hope you enjoyed this review, kindly share your experience with the app by commenting below.

Have a good day!

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