Hi all, today we will be doing a review on a very peculiar product called Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder. It is peculiar because the product is a 2in1 combination which is not only uncommon but also has an incredible quality. In this review you will learn from our personal experience of this product, the price and availability, its close substitutes, manufacturer details and lots more.

We have previously reviewed a detergent powder called "Omo fast action detergent" and should in case you missed the post you can read it here and compare the similarities and differences.


It was one of my regular domestic shoppings I do monthly and that was how I discovered this very unique detergent, Sunlight 2in1 washing powder, and I must confess that it is a real value for my money.

I previously had a pile of dirty clothes I wanted to wash and needed that something extra to give my clothes a sparkling new feel because I was taking a trip to see one of my cousins in the north. So when I saw the Sunlight 2in1 detergent I immediately knew it was what I was searching for.

So when I got home I started off to do my laundry, I soaked the clothes I wanted to wash for about one hour before I started scrubbing and washing. I noticed that the Sunlight 2in1 dissolved easily in water, it had tiny blue and red particles mixed in the white detergent powder. As I washed my clothes I perceived a fresh spring scent that was refreshing and made my laundry worthwhile.

To my greatest surprise my clothes came out sparkling clean after it had dried. I got the desired clean and neat clothes I wished for! And as an additional bonus, the sensational scent of spring I encountered while I was washing stuck on it too. It was as though I sprayed perfumes on my clothes, it really got me excited and happy!

Another great attributes if the Sunlight 2in1 detergent is that not only did I get double value for my money (sensational cleaning formula and a sensational spring scent), I also got the Sunlight 2in1 detergent for a very cheap price, a price lower than the other washing powders I had previously used. Great Bargain!


The Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder is product of Unilever Nigeria Plc that is situated at 113, Agbara Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun state, Nigeria.


Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder has a Nafdac registration number of 02-6601.


For comments and questions please contact Sunlight consumer care line on :
Nigeria : 234 0800 UNILEVER


The price of the Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder is N100 and can be found in your local shops and supermarkets nationwide.


When packed, the Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder has a net weight of 250g. It is a white detergent powder with red and blue tiny particles.


Some of the close substitutes of the Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder includes OMO fast action detergent, so klin detergent, canoe detergents, Ariel detergents etc


One of the greatest selling points of the Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder is that you get an amazing 2in1 value product for a very cheap price. So its a product for all and is quite affordable for all families unlike other substitute detergent products that are quite expensive. For this peculiar reason, we rate the Sunlight 2in1 detergent powder an impressive 7/10 on our rate scale.

I hope you enjoyed this review, kindly share your comments and user experience of this product by commenting below.

Have a great day!
SUNLIGHT 2IN1 DETERGENT POWDER REVIEW 2016 SUNLIGHT 2IN1 DETERGENT POWDER REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by Adesanya Owolabi on 18:01 Rating: 5

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