Hi all, today we will be reviewing a very wonderful and useful mobile application called OMOMI. In this review, we will learn how the app works, it's main functions, and the unique features.

Omomi is a mobile health application designed to cater for children between the ages of 0 - 7 years old.
OMOMI means 'my child'  in Yoruba language, one of the most prevalent languages in Nigeria. The OMOMI app is owned by Nigerians, designed to assist Nursing mothers and pregnant women in Nigeria.


Sometimes ago, one of my favorite aunties called me up to enquire about something. She was at her shop one day when a team of young people approached her about a mobile health application called omomi. They wanted to register her for a free service where she would be able to receive free health updates on her mobile phone, particularly as she is an expectant mother. This my aunt is pregnant with her first child and she was interested it because she needed more support on how to cater for the baby she is expecting. She wanted me to help her put the mobile application on her phone and then show her how she would use it effectively.

OMOMI is a product of Mobicure Nigeria, a mobile health company founded by young and dynamic medical doctors from Nigeria. The omomi mobile application is designed to offer support to intending mothers or mothers with children of ages 0-7 years old, so that they can learn better ways of looking after their babies at the most important stages of their life.

Giving adequate and proper care to a baby particular at an infant stage is very paramount and if this is not done accurately, can go a long way to tell on the child's development and growth. This is why mothers need good access to health information that will better the lives of their children. OMOMI is the first mobile application worldwide that covers all the WHO/UNICEF childhood survival strategies that offers parents a unique range of services and features, that helps to monitor children's health.

Some of the features mothers tends to enjoy when they use the omomi mobile application includes breastfeeding support, immunizations tracking, growth monitoring, oral rehydration therapy, family planning, food supplementation, ovulation calculator, due date calculator, female education, access to a mothers community base, store child's records/information, set SMS alert for vaccination, search for nearest hospital/health care facility, live chat with a medical doctor and many more.

One of the features that I find very interesting as i used the app is because it has a GPS locator that will help you locate the nearest hospital in case of emergency. It also has links to the Mobicure Facebook page where mothers connect and share their child raising experiences with each other.

After going through the application i must say that i was very impressed with the organisation and structure of the app. It is a simple app, easy to use and navigate, you dont have to be a tech master to be able to use it. It is arranged in such a way that if you handle it for the first time you won't get lost or confused on where next to go because it has great directions and pictorial representations. After installing it for my aunty, she was impressed and excited about it and has been giving me positive remarks about it afterwards. The OMOMI app is every mothers dream, a must for pregnant women and nursing mothers especially with children of ages 0-7 years old.


The omomi mobile application is a vital app that every mother ought to have because it serves as a quick guide and reference whenever they need help in regards the health of their babies. The mere fact that they can gain access to the services of a medical doctor for free via the live chat is great and can also share experiences with fellow mothers via a Facebook group is another plus. I would recommend every mother to have this wonder app on their devices. Omomi mobile app has a rating of 7/10 on our rate scale from us.

To get this app is very easy, you can download the OMOMI app on your android devices by visiting your mobile app store or by clicking the link below:

Google Play Store:

I hope you all enjoyed this review, kindly share your user experience and what you think about this application in the comments section below.

Have a nice day all.

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