Hello everyone, today we will be reviewing one of your favorite and most trusted brand when it comes washing and removing tough stains, the OMO FAST ACTION DETERGENT. In this review we will learn from my personal experience, why OMO fast action is one of the best cleaning agents, how to effectively use it, amazing facts about it, manufacturer details, close substitutes and many more.


OMO fast action detergent is no stranger to Mothers/Wives here in Nigeria as it has been a solution to all their stain problems, be it oil stains, grease stains, tomatoes stains, ink stains, mud stains or even faeces stains.

Stains can be a major headache especially when it is on your favorite fabric, so it is very necessary to know the right cleaning formula or detergent to use in tackling these tough stains. Indeed there are so many detergent alternatives here in Nigeria but OMO FAST ACTION DETERGENT has proven times without number that it is number one in the industry.

I had my very first experience with OMO fast action when I had a very devastating ink stain on one of my favorite Tm Lewin shirts at work one day. I was so furious and needed to find a solution as quickly as possible. I was going to use bleach on it but my colleague warned me not to use it as it was going to cause more damage. She (my colleague) advised me to get Omo fast action detergent and she guaranteed me that the stain will go out.

Though I was already familiar with OMO detergents, I never really believed it could completely remove the ink stains on one of my favorite office wears. I did as she directed and to my greatest surprise OMO fast action removed the stains one time with just a single wash! I didn't use bleach or any other cleaning solvent, my shirt was sparkling bright and clean like there was never an ink stain in the first place.

I was indeed glad that I didn't lose one of my favorite clothes to the ink stain, OMO fast action made it possible even though I had nursed fears and doubts but OMO fast action proved me wrong!

If you have any terrible stains that you are battling with be it food stains, oil stains, grease stains, tomatoes stain, mud stains or any kind of stain you can think of, I recommend you use the OMO fast action detergents. It has been my trusted friend ever since my encounter with the ink stain and has gone ahead to help my family and friends solve all our stain palaver.


1. Always ensure you handle stubborn stains as quickly as you can. Do not wait for hours, days or weeks before you tackle these stains. It is best you attend to the stains immediately without any time wasting because the earlier the better!

2. Make sure the OMO FAST ACTION is fully dissolved before you use it. Don't just immerse the stained cloth into your washing bowl, allow the OMO FAST ACTION dissolve well before you start washing.

3. To make your washing easier, it is advisable to soak your fabrics for at least 30 minutes. This will aid remove the tough and stubborn stains easier without having to scrub hard for longer minutes.


1. The surface active ingredients in OMO FAST ACTION are "biodegradable". What this means is that the ingredients used in manufacturing the OMO FAST ACTION are not harmful to the earth.

2. OMO FAST ACTION cleans perfectly in cold water. In other words, you don't need warm or hot water so this will in turn save you electricity, money and efforts.

3. If by chance OMO FAST ACTION gets into your eyes, simply flush with water.

4. If OMO FAST ACTION is mistakenly swallowed, drink milk and consult your doctor immediately.


The OMO FAST ACTION hand washing detergent powder is a product of Unilever Nigeria Plc, located at Agbara Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun state, Nigeria.


It has a NAFDAC registration number of 02-3014 and NIS registration number of CT-019.


The price of OMO FAST ACTION 250g detergent is N130 only and is available in your local shops and supermarkets nationwide.


Some of the close substitutes and alternatives of the Omo fast action detergents include Klin detergents, Sunshine 2in1 detergents etc.


For product inquiries and comments you can speak with OMO FAST ACTION customer care on +2348008653837.


With the wonderful experience I had with the OMO fast action detergents I rate the OMO fast action detergent an impressive 7/10 on our rate scale. I will recommend it to anyone who have issues with stains of any kind to try the OMO fast action detergents because it is tough on stains and it is relatively affordable.

I hope you enjoyed this review, please share your user experience with this product so others can learn a thing or two.

Do have a lovely day!

OMO FAST ACTION DETERGENT REVIEW 2016 OMO FAST ACTION DETERGENT REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by Adesanya Owolabi on 11:05 Rating: 5

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