Hello everyone, today we will be doing a very exciting review on a mobile application called "Oga Taxi".
In this review we will show you all you need to know about the Oga Taxi app, how it works, how you are been charged, it's benefits and why it is better than using a regular cab.

Oga Taxi is a mobile application that will help you book a taxi from the comforts of your home or office and take you to any destination of your choice in your city.


Having used the Oga Taxi mobile application, I felt it necessary to share with you all my experience with the app, so that you will know more about it and not make same mistakes I made or ask the same questions I did when I first tried it out.
I am excited because I was blown away with the amazing features of this app, it is great to see so much creativity and ideas that are embedded in this mobile application.

Oga Taxi is a Nigerian app designed to help Nigerians enjoy fast, safe and convenient means of transportation especially if you live and work in mega cities like Lagos and Abuja. Indeed the everyday hustling and bustling in Lagos is quite a lot of stress, coupled with the traffic and poor transportation problems.

The Oga Taxi app is the solution to enjoying a comfortable, fast, private, and safe means of transportation. Oga means " boss" in pidgin English, in other words, Oga Taxi means Boss Taxi, a service that will give you a boss treatment!

To enjoy Oga Taxi, all you have to do is download the mobile application from your mobile application store like Google Play Store or Apple App Store and it is free to download.
Sign up to be an Oga member, then choose between the three ride options available (standard, deluxe and executive) then hit the "request a ride" button.
The nearest Oga Taxi driver will be dispatched to you in about 10-15 minutes time.

Your driver's details will be sent to you immediately for your safety. You will then receive a notification on your app when the driver is at your location. Hop into the ride like a boss to your location and make payment. You can pay with cash or card but it is advisable you use the card option for safety and also to avoid issues with collecting change from driver or delays after each ride.

Oga Taxi is very safe and secure because they run an extensive background check on all its auto drivers. Also Oga members are requested to provide a valid phone number, and some personal information for identity verification purposes. An SOS feature is also available on the Oga Taxi mobile application in case of an emergency.
There is also usually an exchange of personal details (like names, car plate number and phone number) between the driver and the passenger(s) before any pick up is made.

Oga Taxi is different from a regular taxi because it gives you comfort and safety. Imagine going into a taxi that has got you covered, giving you no reason to fear at all because someone else ( Oga Taxi Ltd) apart from you and the taxi driver has a record of you and that of the driver, the time you got into the Taxi and also tracks the location of you and the Taxi. The days of standing under the scorching sun or pouring rain are over with Oga Taxi. No more waiting in your bus stop or queuing to buy a bus ticket and also note that Oga Taxi is 20% cheaper than regular car drops / cabs.

Oga Taxi is fast and easy to use, it takes approximately 10-15 minutes for an Oga Taxi driver to locate you at your location. You can also communicate with your assigned driver immediately after you have requested for the ride, to monitor his location and also give him a better description to your location. Once the driver accepts your request, you immediately see a call and message icon on your app to communicate with the driver.

The Oga Taxi app uses GPS to calculate the distance traveled that is used in calculating your charges. So your charges are very accurate and the timer starts reading 5 minutes after reaching the pick up location. You don't get charged when the driver is coming to pick you.

For situations where you ask the driver to wait during a ride, maybe to buy a few items or see someone, you don't get a separate charge but there will be an embedded per minute wait time charge included in your total ride charge on the app.

If you experience any form of challenge or feel that you were over charged, you can send an email to the Oga Taxi support team via support@ogataxi.com

In cases where you are unable to request a ride using the Oga Taxi app on your device for more than two days, there may be the possibility that your account has been flagged for inappropriate use of the app. It could be that you may have violated some of the terms of service of the Oga Taxi app. To resolve such issues, send an email to support@ogataxi.com and you complaints will be treated adequately.


Some of the other mobile applications that offer same services as the Oga Taxi app includes Uber Ride, easy taxi, and can be a very good alternative.


The Oga Taxi app is a really impressive app because it saves you a whole lot of stress especially if you live and work in busy cities like Lagos and Abuja. It is like having a personal driver that is at your beck and call whenever you need him, without worrying about buying an exquisite car because all the rides are good looking and neat. Though one thing that could turn one off is the fact that you aren't charged a fixed rate rather based on the distance traveled using a GPS. But on the bright side, Oga Taxi is cheaper than normal taxi(s) by up to 20%, and saves a lot of energy spent on flagging down a regular cab. It is more professional and organized than regular cabs and you don't get to argue prices with a driver because everything is digital. So from us Oga Taxi has an impressive 7/10 rating on our rate scale. Thumbs up Oga Taxi.

To download the Oga Taxi mobile application on your android device, visit

Google Play store


To download the Oga Taxi mobile application on your iPhone, Visit

Apple app store


For windows phone users, you can download the oga taxi mobile application below


I hope you enjoyed this review, kindly drop your comments and user experience below.

Have a great day!

OGA TAXI MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 OGA TAXI MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 15:52 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

How about someone using a windows phone. Is ot possible to download the app

ReviewRites said...

Hello, you can download the oga taxi app on your windows phone. The post have been updated with the link to the download page. Have a nice day

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