Hi all, today we will be reviewing another Nigerian made product called the No.1 Family Soap. In this review we learn about my personal experience with this soap and why I will recommend it to you. We will also know more about the manufacters of this product, the price and where we can purchase the No.1 family soap and lots more.


I had a wonderful experience using the "No.1 family soap" because I didn't just use this product once, but over and over again. I got to know about the No.1 family soap through a provision store in my street where i buy most of my toiletries and stuffs. I wanted to try something new because i love learning new things and i am adventuruous in nature. The sales attendant urged me to try the No.1 family soap because she too had given it a trial. I was a bit skeptical at first because it is a new product and I wasn't quite familiar with it but I obliged.

 The first product i patronized was the No.1 Family Soap Orange Splash and I later found out it that it also have other varieties like No.1 family soap Royal Cream, No.1 Medicated soap extra cool, No.1 Medicated Soap Lemon Burst. The No.1 family soap orange splash is my favorite.

Unlike other brands, the No.1 family soap has a very mild effect on my skin, I didn't feel any intense or harsh effect on my skin. So it is a very good option for people with a very soft skin like mine. Also I didn't notice any rashes or irritation over the period of weeks I tried this product, so it is safe to say that it will not be allergic or react in a bad way to the skin of its users.

Throughout my use of the No.1 family soap and its numerous varieties, my skin kept on glowing and shining. I enjoyed using it and will recommend it to anyone.
The new No.1 family soap contains high quality skin care ingredients that keep your skin clean and healthy. No.1 Family Soap will revitalize and nourish your skin all day.


The No.1 Family Soap is a product of JAGAL PHARMA LIMITED. JAGAL is a household name in Nigeria and has manufactured so many amazing fmcg products like tetmosol.   JAGAL PHARMA LIMITED is located on JAGAL Road, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


The No.1 family Soap has a NAFDAC registration number of 02-9107 and SON NIS MANCAP NO: CT-4782.


The price of the No.1 family soap goes for just N50 and can be readily found in your local shops and marts close to you.


The net weight of the No.1 family soap is 70g. It comes in different wrapper colors depending on the variety. The orange splash is dark golden in color, lemon blast is yellow and the royal cream is in a green wrapper.


The main market competitors of the No.1 family soap includes Joy soap, Lux soap, premiere soap. They are in the same category as the No.1 family soap and can be a major substitute option.


Review Rites rates the No.1 family soap 6/10 on our rate scale and we recommend you to use the soap because of our personal experience with the product and one of the main advantage of this product is its relative cheap cost, for so much value. It is always a nice feeling and bargain to buy a really good quality product for a very cheap price.

I hope you enjoyed this review and it has been able to answer all your questions and clear any doubt you may have had.

Do have a nice day...

No.1 FAMILY SOAP 2016 REVIEW No.1 FAMILY SOAP 2016 REVIEW Reviewed by ReviewRites on 13:10 Rating: 5


Lois said...

Very Nice, Do you have any idea about the raw material used to make the soap?
Very good review though.

ReviewRites said...

Thanks a lot Lois.

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