Hello everyone, I'm very excited about this review I'm about to do and this will be the first review I will be doing on mobile applications. Today we will be reviewing the so much talked about "NAIRABOX APP". In this review, I will show the things the NAIRABOX app will help you do with ease, why it is one of a kind, my personal experience and the benefits you stand to gain when you use NAIRABOX.

Like I earlier said, we will only review Nigerian apps. The NAIRABOX app is a Nigerian mobile app made by Nigerians for Nigerians. So what does the NAIRABOX app really do? From my own experience, The NAIRABOX app was designed to take off stress from the average Nigerian man. What I mean is that it is designed to make your life easier and better, a life free of unwanted stress. Still don't understand? Keep scrolling....


With the trending and rave comments I had been receiving from friends and social media about this new app called NAIRABOX, I decided to try it out myself and I must say that I agree with all the hype and rave. It is indeed a magnificent application, all the challenges and aches I used to have each time I want to pay my utility bills have all been made easier and enjoyable.

Imagine you have a mobile application on your smartphone that can help you buy movie tickets from the comfort of your home, transfer money to your friends and family without going to the ATM or bank, buy items online from your favorite online shops and get an amazing discount, pay utility bills ( like dstv, electricity, internet ), automatic airtime recharge and so many more!!!

I'm sure you now understand what I mean by the NAIRABOX app is going to make your life easier and stress free. It will help you avoid those annoying queues at the bank, cinema and all with just a click on your smartphone.

I know you are already wondering how this is going to be possible with just an app and no money, well, with the NAIRABOX app you can fund your NAIRABOX account (you will create one, very easy steps) with money by linking your MasterCard, Verve or Visa card.

Now let me explain in details the main functions of the NAIRABOX app.


   With the new NAIRABOX app, you can pay almost all your bills easily from your smart device. Some of the bills you can pay include DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES, AIRLINES TICKETS, SMILE, SPECTRANET , SWIFT 4G, ELECTRICITY (PHCN), LCC TOLL, SPORTS BETTINGS (like nairabet, surebet, bet9ja) ETC.


   With the new NAIRABOX app, you can ensure you never run out of airtime on your phone and never have to use the option of borrowing credit from your service provider.
You can set up automated airtime recharge for yourself and of course your loved ones.


    Digital is the new ticket as you can now buy your favorite movie tickets from your device using the NAIRABOX app. Cinemas like film House cinema is one of the cinemas you can use with this app. Also you can buy your event tickets for your favorite comedy shows, music concerts using the NAIRABOX app and save yourself a whole lot of stress.


   Yes you heard right, you can "Go Dutch" with the NAIRABOX app.  If you have friends that always like to do "osho free" and always try to avoid sharing cost when you hang out with the excuse of "I'm not with cash here", then the new NAIRABOX app will help you checkmate them. With this app, you can share bills and collectively pay! Cool right?


    There are so much more other amazing things you can do with the NAIRABOX app like pay for items online, track and monitor your spendings etc.


Using the NAIRABOX mobile application has made me realize that a lot of things can be done a lot easier and faster if they are done the appropriate way. What used to be a tiring and frustrating process to me became a lot simpler and exciting to do. It is a smarter way of doing transactions as against the previous approach, one that everybody desires. I am yet to see or hear anyone that had a bad experience using the NAIRABOX app. So personally for me I feel the NAIRABOX app is a fantastic mobile application, easy to use with well organized and well structured tools for your convenience. The NAIRABOX app has an amazing 8/10 rating on our rate scale. I would recommend everyone to try the NAIRABOX app and they will certainly be glad they did.

I'm sure you are already so eager to get this wonder app on your device, guess what too, it is completely free to get!

Not to worry, I'm going to show you how to Download the NAIRABOX app to your device, whether you are an android user or an iPhone user.

Here are the download links:

Google Play Store

Apple iTunes

If you don't use an iPhone or android, simply go to your app store provider and search for " NAIRABOX" and download the app.

I'm sure you all have enjoyed this review, kindly drop your experience, observations and comments below....

Do have a nice day!

NAIRABOX APP 2016 REVIEW NAIRABOX APP 2016 REVIEW Reviewed by ReviewRites on 14:15 Rating: 5

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