Hello everyone, today we will be looking at a very unique mobile application called the jiji.ng mobile application. In this app review, you will learn why we think jiji.ng mobile app is one of the most safest classified ad mobile application, how to use the app and also our user experience with the app.

From the name jiji.ng mobile app, you already know that it is an app for the website jiji.ng. With mobile applications, it is easier and faster to navigate and get all the information you require than going through the website.

Like we all know, Review Rites is committed to Nigerian products and services and jiji.ng is for Nigerians. So what does the jiji.ng mobile application do? Why should I use the jiji.ng mobile app? These are some of the questions I will answer to in this review.


Jiji.ng is a free online classified website made for Nigerians, that provides a platform where buyers and sellers can meet and exchange their goods and services. It is a place where you can buy and sell items from people who live close to you.

I have used the jiji.ng mobile app to buy stuffs more than once and I had a really nice time using the app. Most times when we try out new things, what we all look out for is satisfaction and convenience, once these two conditions are met then we are automatically happy. The several times I used the jiji.ng app, these two conditions were met.

The first item I bought on jiji.ng was a fairly used blackberry Q10, it was like my dream phone back then. I needed to change my blackberry torch 1 badly so I decided to buy the Blackberry Q10 and then sell off my blackberry torch 1. I went to the local shops around and the price I got was very high. I couldn't afford the new one and the price for the u.k. used was still very high.

I stumbled on jiji.ng ad on a tech blog and I read that I could get new and used goods for a very cheap price. I was excited and hoped I won't be disappointed at the end. I downloaded the app and immediately searched for my then dream phone, I saw several sellers and the prices I got were cheap and affordable for me. I contacted the seller and we wrapped the deal up in no time. It was very convenient for me because the seller lived in the same city as me. Also the phone was in a very good condition and I enjoyed the deal.

Jiji.ng proved to me that they are indeed the best when it comes to best prices. With a large collection of both new and old items spread all around the 36 states of Nigeria. This means that no matter where you are the right deal is waiting for you. Some of the items you can buy and sell on jiji.ng includes vehicles, mobile phones/tablets, electronics, fashion items, real estate, babies and kid items etc

Sellers on jiji.ng can post free ads of the goods they wish to sell (new or old goods) with pictures, update their ads and get replies from “real” people who live very close to them (based on location) while buyers can buy anything, call or send messages to sellers and leave a review when the deal has been accomplished successfully.

So the basic idea of jiji.ng is to create an avenue where Nigerians can transact their business online with ease and on the go! Everyone can use jiji.ng as it has all the 36 states of Nigeria covered. So when you sign up, either through your Facebook account or through your email, you will be required to provide your location so that you will be able to see ads from your region.
Jiji.ng Mobile application have over 500,000 ads for you to choose from so be sure to find your needs!

So once a user who intends buying an item finds a suitable item, he can either call or send an email to seller (the seller will provide these details on his/her profile) and they can now negotiate and agree on a price. If both parties agrees to a deal, they can now meet at a location of their choice and conclude the deal.

Jiji.ng has put in place measures to make sure the purpose and aim of jiji.ng is not jeopardized by scammers and fraudsters as you can report a seller you suspect of spamming or defrauding buyers. Jiji.ng can then take actions (like banning the user forever) on such users.

You can find trust worthy sellers by going through their profiles and there you will see the number of reviews and credibility of the seller. Jiji.ng has been proven to be real as thousands of people have concluded successful transactions and deals.

Buying cheap is one of the selling points of jiji.ng and thus have made it stand tall amongst its competitors.

To get this wonderful mobile application on your device is very easy and free! You don't have to worry about its size because the jiji.ng mobile application is very light, just 3mb. It is available on all mobile application stores.


Some of closest alternative apps that offers similar services as the jiji.ng mobile app includes olx mobile app, efritin.com mobile app etc.


My personal experience using the jiji.ng mobile app was great mainly because I noticed that they have the cheapest price for their goods and services. This no doubt is their greatest selling point and they equally have a good security system in place to check against fraud and scammers. Jiji.ng mobile app has an impressive rating of 7/10 on our rate scale.

You can download the jiji.ng mobile app via the links below;

For android users, you can download the jiji.ng mobile application on Google Play Store via the link below:


iPhone users are not left out, you can download the jiji.ng mobile application on Apple iTunes via the link below:


I hope you enjoyed this review... Please kindly share your experience in the comment box below.

Do have a lovely day!

JIJI.NG MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 JIJI.NG MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 16:13 Rating: 5

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