Hello everybody, today we will be looking at an amazing promo from Nigeria's first telecommunications service provider, GLOBACOM, called the "FREE TOMORROW PROMO". In this review you will learn about the benefits of the Glo free tomorrow, how to opt in and out, the disadvantages and many more.


GLO kick started the FREE TOMORROW PROMO almost a year ago, and so far Nigerians have been enjoying the amazing benefits tied to this plan. Today we will be doing a general review on this service to give us a major insight and overview of the plan.

The Glo free tomorrow promo is a service plan that gives its subscribers an opportunity to get double of the money spent on their Glo line the next day. In other words, any amount you use today, you will get double the next day! For example, if I spent N500 on my Glo line today to make calls, send SMS and browse the internet, I will receive a free N1000 airtime on my Glo line tomorrow!

I know the very next question on your mind is if this free 200% airtime you will receive can be used to call other networks like etisalat, MTN or airtel,  the answer is yes! You can call all networks with your free 200% bonus. You can also use it to call international destinations like the UK (landlines), USA, China, India, and Canada. You can also you use it browse the internet, so you see that is completely real and genuine, no daily fee or daily rental.

For those that haven't had an opportunity to try this out and wish to be a part of this promo, it is not too late to join. Migration is free, all you have to do is dial *300# on your Glo Sim.
Please note that if you have previously migrated from a tariff plan within the last 30 days, you will be charged a Migration fee of N100. But if you have not migrated within the last 30 days then it is completely free to join the Glo free tomorrow promo.

To check your Glo Free Tomorrow balance, all you have to do is dial #122# or #122*8#. Please note that you will receive the bonus airtime the next day at exactly 00:01. This free bonus expires daily at exactly 23.59. You will also be notified immediately you exhaust your free bonus.

Note that your Glo free tomorrow bonus will be charged first before your main account, your main account will only be charged after you have exhausted your free bonus.
Calls on Glo free tomorrow plan is charged at a flat rate of 22kobo per second, not just for local calls but also for international calls too.

The Glo free tomorrow plan is a promotional offer, and is currently ongoing until it is officially withdrawn by Globacom.
To opt out of this plan, all you have to do is dial *301# and opting out is free.
Note that when you opt out you will be taken to the Glo default tariff plan, which is the Glo infinito plan.


Some of the disadvantages of using the Glo free tomorrow is that you do not have enough time to enjoy the free bonus given to you because it expires in 24 hours. That means if I use N500 today I will be given a bonus of N1000 the next day. If I am unable to exhaust this N1000 under 24 hours it will be wiped out! That's not really cool because you might not have the time everyday to make calls or browse the internet. Assuming the free bonus would last about 3 days or 7 days then the Glo free tomorrow would have been very great.

Secondly, you get charged a flat rate of 22 kobo per second when you use the Glo free tomorrow service plan which is double of other service plans or service providers that is just 9 kobo per second or 11 kobo per second. In other words, the free bonus is not entirely free like it seems because you have literally paid for the free bonus already in the previous day.

Lastly, immediately you start using the Glo free tomorrow service plan, you will be unable to enjoy other benefits from Glo like free night calls, friends and family, bonus on recharge etc. And when you decide to opt out, you will have to wait for 24 hours to be taken to the default service plan.


For me I believe that the Glo free tomorrow service plan is great because of the bonus which can be used to call any network including overseas countries like USA and Canada. So if you are the type that make a lot of calls daily then you will definitely enjoy this plan but if you are not the type that make long calls daily then I wouldn't recommend it to you. The Glo free Tomorrow service plan has a rating of 7/10 on our rate Scale because it is a really cool service plan.

I hope you enjoyed this review? Please drop your experience and comments below.

Do have a great day!

GLO FREE TOMORROW PROMO REVIEW 2016 GLO FREE TOMORROW PROMO REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 13:16 Rating: 5


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