Hello everyone, today we will be reviewing another service plan from Globacom Nigeria called the "Glo Campus Booster Plan". In this review you will get to know how the plan works, the benefits and also the downsides of the tariff plan.

With the Glo Campus Data Plan, you get up to 8 times the value of your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost! The Glo Campus Data is first of its kind, it is specially designed for students (and others) in the Nigerian Campus community.


Glo Campus Booster offers Nigerian students the opportunity to get 8 times more data to use for their studies and research when they use their Glo lines in the Campus vicinity. For example, if a student subscribes to the Glo Campus booster and chooses the N200 data recharge option, he/she is guaranteed a 400mb worth of data, which is 8 times more than the 50mb he/she will get outside the campus zones with the same N200. The Glo Campus data is available on Nigerian Campuses nationwide (over 300) including customs, immigration and police training institutes. Students (and others) will get notified via a flash message when they enter a Glo Campus zone.

To enjoy the Glo Campus booster, all you have to do is buy any special plan of your choice by dialing *777#. These are the special plans you can purchase;

1. N200 will give you 200mb worth of data valid for 4 days (400mb on campus)

2. N500 will give you 500mb worth of data valid for 7 days (1GB on campus)

3. N1000 will give you 1GB worth of data valid for 15 days (2GB on campus)

4. N2000 will give you 2GB worth of data valid for 30 days (4GB on campus)

5. N5000 will give you 5GB worth of data valid for 30 days (10GB on campus)

Please note that a normal data subscription will not be doubled when you use it in the Campus zones, only the Glo Campus booster plan will be doubled. If you currently have an existing normal data plan and wish to buy the Glo Campus booster plan, the Campus booster plan will be parked behind your current data plan and will be activated immediately your current data expires.

To view your data usage and data balance, simply dial *127*0#. Also note that you cannot carry forward unused data from the Campus booster plan. You cannot share the Campus booster plan but you can gift the Campus booster plan. The Glo Campus booster plan will work like a normal data plan when you leave the campus area or zone, it won't be doubled.
If you don't use your Glo Campus booster plan after its purchase, it will remain in its pre-active state but once it becomes active, it will expire based on volume/validity parameters, depending on whichever comes first.


In as much as the Glo Campus Booster is a very good service plan for students it would have been better if it can be enjoyed by so many other people and in many other locations. This is because it is not only students and the likes that do research and consume many data, other people do too so I don't think it is really great to limit other subscribers from enjoying these benefits. It would have been great if it is equally enjoyed by all subscribers irrespective of their location.

Secondly, the time frame within which one has to consume the data is too short. It would have been great if the validity period were a bit longer and also if the unused data can roll over.


The Glo campus booster is a lovely service plan for both students, business owners and residents that are within the campus or coverage area of this service. They get to enjoy a service that is limited to a certain group of people. So if you happen to reside close to the Glo campus zones I say a big congratulations to you all. The Glo campus booster service plan has a rating of 6/10 from us.

I hope you enjoyed this review, please let us know what you feel about this service plan, your user experience and comments will be highly appreciated.

Have a great day!



Charles Crookes said...

GLO has been installed the campus boosters for the internet and only few students are using their internet to pay the review packages. The data plans are using for the write papers for college students that GLO should be greedy for the data and the internet.

Lachlan Drennan said...

This is an internet era where all use it and they never spend their life without internet. Some get 200 mbs of 200 rupees but grade on fire review gives a many packages that have enough for us in a month.

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