Hello all, today we will be reviewing a mobile app called "Efritin.com" app. Efritin.com app is the mobile application for efritin.com, a website where you can buy almost everything, especially used goods in Nigeria.

Efritin means 'everything' in pidgin English, efritin.com is a platform that provides a marketplace where buyers and sellers exchange used items directly within Nigeria. Efritin.com mobile app is powered by saltside technologies, the parent company of efritin.com here in Nigeria.

The efritin.com mobile app is very similar to the jiji.ng mobile app, we did the review for the jiji mobile app here should in case you missed it.


I am normally not a fan of buying used or secondhand goods but since I got introduced to the efritin.com mobile app I instantly became a huge fan. Nearly all the items in my house now are used goods I got using efritin.com mobile app.

My mentality used to be that when you buy a fairly used item, the lifespan of the item is very short because the previous owner would have used the life out of it. But other school of thought believe that sometimes fairly used goods last longer than new ones. Like my Dad, he believes that buying a fairly used car from Belgium is stronger than a brand new one.

Efritin.com mobile app has changed my mentality because most times people don't sell their items because its faulty but because they don't have immediate needs for it. Some people just buy things for random reasons then over the time they realize that they don't really need it. Selling an item you have, maybe one you got as a gift to someone in dire need of it, for a good amount of money is a real deal.

My laptop developed a problem in the middle of a project and the money I needed to fix it was almost the price of a brand new one. I needed another as soon as possible so I can meet up with the project deadline, that was when I got introduced to efritin.com app. I downloaded the app and immediately searched for a laptop and to my greatest surprise I saw exactly the same brand of my laptop for almost half the price of a new one. I was excited and contacted the seller, I didn't even know that we lived very close in the same neighborhood. We closed the deal and I was ultimately overwhelmed with the ease and speed of the process. I got exactly what I needed, at the right time and at the right price.

With the efritin mobile app, you can buy or sell used items from over 50 categories with people who live with you in the same city or even in the same street. Some of the items you can buy or sell includes electronics, cars, home items, clothes, beauty items, pets etc. You can also scout for jobs, business opportunities and even education options.

The most outstanding feature of efritin.com is the trustworthiness and safety of transactions. You can be rest assured that all your dealings are safe. This is because efritin.com verifies all its sellers physically.
When a seller posts an ad on efritin.com, the ads won't be live until the seller is verified in person and the goods screened. It takes about 48 hours for the seller to be verified. After the physical verification, the ads will be live within 4 hours.

The reason why efritin.com screen sellers and products is because they do not want to compromise on the quality of goods on their platform and also its safety policies. This has made efritin.com the number one marketplace for used goods.

Another unique feature of efritin.com is because it offers delivery of items under 3kg to customers that have agreed on a price, within Lagos. Cool right?

It is completely free to publish an ad on efritin.com all you need to do is sign up for your free account, choose your city/ region, and the process takes less than 2minutes to complete. After your sign up, you will be contacted by the efritin.com team to verify your identity and contact details.

The reasons why I believe efritin.com mobile app is different from the others is because  you can save your favorite ads and use them whenever you are ready, browse through thousands of local ads, and also save your data using the data saving mode option.


Other mobile apps that is very similar and could serve same purposes of the efritin.com app includes OLX mobile app, jiji.ng mobile app, etc.

It is also free to get this mobile application, all you have to do is go to your mobile application store provider. It is available on Apple app store and Google play store.

For Apple app store, download the efritin.com mobile application below


For Google play store, download the efritin.com mobile application below



Efritin.com mobile app is one of the best in terms of used goods, the manner and style of operations places them higher and above its competitors. Efritin.com offers free deliveries to its customers who reside in Lagos, something that its main rivals do not do, so this no doubt is an edge you need to consider. Also the mobile application is very light and won't take all the memory space on your device. It is easy to use, well organized and also have a data saving mode to save up your megabytes when you use the app. Personally I hold the efritin.com mobile app in high regards particularly because they have an unbeatable security and verification system. The efritin.com app has a rating of 8/10 on our rate scale.

I hope you enjoyed this review? Please drop your user experience and comments below.

Have a nice day!

EFRITIN.COM MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 EFRITIN.COM MOBILE APP REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 14:43 Rating: 5

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