Hello all, today we will taking a look at one of the new releases of 2016 from Samsung Mobile; the Samsung Galaxy J1 also known as the Samsung Galaxy J1 Duos. We will show you the key features and attributes of this smartphone and also the downsides which you need to consider too before making a decision.


Just as iPhone has got faithful and loyal fans so does Samsung Mobile! I have met some really huge fans of Samsung Mobile that would never use other brands of mobile phones. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy J1, we would definitely demand much more from this gadget considering its high cost but some how I find it quite disappointing. This is not to say that there are no good attributes of the Samsung Galaxy J1, obviously there are and that is one of the reasons I'm writing this review to point them out as against the distasteful comments and reviews from the public.

No one can obviously blame Samsung Mobile anymore for not giving its fans and lovers options as they had shown this commitments in the 'A' series that did very well in that market and they are doing it again with the 'J' series, designed to fit numerous budgets. But like the popular saying that out of every twelve there is always a Judas and the Judas in this case of the Samsung Galaxy J series is the Samsung Galaxy J1. It is nothing compared to the quality of the Samsung Galaxy J5 that got everyone talking.

Drawing from the positives, I think the Samsung Galaxy J1 is designed specifically for its loyal fans who desire to have a handy and trendy mobile with considerable qualities that will enable them do quite a few number of tasks without looking outside the Samsung Mobile brand. Like I previously said in this post, there are loyal fans of the Samsung Mobile that wouldn't compromise, they prefer to stick with this brand name and will never consider other smartphone brands like Tecno, Infinix and Injoo even though these aforementioned brands offer exquisitely more options and technology for a far more cheaper price. Speaking of its trendiness, the Samsung Galaxy J1 is a 4.3 inches device which means it sits nicely in your palms and is easy to grip. As with the other series, it is made of plastic with a silver edge strip with a shape similar to the older Samsung Galaxy S generations. Another reason why you would fancy this gadget is because of its weight, though it is 8.9mm thick it is a very light smartphone that weighs just 122g. It saves you the stress of carrying a cumbersome smartphone like the other series that are many inches bigger and heavier.

A feature I particularly don't enjoy about the Samsung Galaxy J1 is the fact that its RAM is just 512MB which is quite small for a guy like me that loves speed. Though I earlier said that the Samsung Galaxy J1 isn't a phone that is meant for all those top notch tasks that we would have loved it to be, it is designed probably as a secondary or backup phone. But personally I feel Samsung Mobile would have done a little better, maybe at least a 1GB RAM would have been okay considering the high cost of the device. Memory wise, the internal memory is equally very low with just 4GB and out of this 4GB internal memory you can only make use of just 2GB. But if you desire to use a larger memory then you can use a micro SD memory card of up to 128GB.

In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy J1 has a dual core 1.2GHz Cortex A-7 processor, with a 512MB RAM like I mentioned before. Graphics wise I will suggest you keep your expectations in check because the Samsung Galaxy J1 can only handle casual games. A more positive attribute of the Samsung Galaxy J1 is because the android 4.4 touchwiz was quite impressive because when you navigate through the device, the apps opens promptly without stuttering and the user experience is quite pleasing. Another important feature we need to talk about is its battery life, the Samsung Galaxy J1 can last for about 10 hours which is very poor for a phone that is expected to be a secondary or back up phone. What this means is that you need to charge it everyday or better still have a spare battery in your bag.

In terms of Camera quality I was rather disappointed in Samsung Mobile because the Samsung Galaxy J1 has a rear camera specification of 5 megapixel but when I tested the picture quality what I got was rather less than 5mp. Outdoor images I took were dull and blurry with clipped shadows. The indoor images weren't any better but I noticed that the image quality improved quite considerably when an additional source of light was added. The front camera is 2 megapixels which was as much appalling as the rear camera.

So in general it is safe to say that the Samsung Galaxy J1 does not have what it takes to compete with other top smartphones in terms of operating system, speed, camera and all. It is more of a back up smartphone as it has the capabilities of undertaking quite a few number of task, but if you looking for a really smart device that you need to complete huge and complex tasks then certainly you should not be considering the Samsung Galaxy J1 at all. You can try out other J series models if you wish to remain in the Samsung Mobile family or better still go for other impressive brands like infinix, Tecno or Injoo.


The price of the Samsung Galaxy J1 ranges from between N23,000 to N28,000. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy J1 in Nigeria in our leading online shops like JUMIA, KAYMU and Konga.


Some of the alternatives of the Samsung Galaxy J1 includes Tecno H5, Moto E 2nd gen, Tecno Y5, Samsung Galaxy J2 etc.


If you are a Samsung Mobile fan and you desire a device maybe as a back up phone for your office files or business then the Samsung Galaxy J1 is just that phone for you, because Samsung Mobile is a Big Name brand and can be trusted, but if you want a super device that will complete complex tasks with speed and ease then I will advise you look elsewhere. Though I really like Samsung Mobile I wasn't really impressed considering the high cost of the device so I will rate the Samsung Galaxy J1 a fair 5/10 on our rate scale.

You can drop your comments and personal user experience of this device in the comment box below.

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