Hi all, today we will be doing a very interesting review on a snack called Digestive Chin-Chin. Unlike the regular chin-chin that is been sold all around, the digestive chin-chin is well prepared and packaged.


I was traveling to abuja one morning on a business trip, and during one of our stopovers I decided to buy some snacks and drink. Unluckily I didn't find any that tickled my fancy. Just when I decided to get back into the vehicle, a young lady who was selling a variety of snacks aproached me, she said she had great snacks that i would love. She handed me a pack of Digestive chin-chin and urged me to try it out, I initially thought she was just trying to make me buy from her. I bought it and took a few bites, I realized that she was right, I loved it right away!

I was happy I bought it and even wished I bought more, I had never eaten a chin-chin that was this good in a long time, the sugar level was just accurate, the way I love it. It was soft and yummy, meaning the butter and milk content was just adequate, unlike some chin-chin that is as hard as stone. After eating the my snack I was satisfied, the Digestive chin-chin is indeed a healthy snack.

Digestive Chin-Chin is a well packaged Chin-Chin that makes it very different from the regular snack that is been sold in the market. If you are someone (like me) that care a lot about what goes into your mouth, then you have no worries if you eat this snack.
I noticed that the Digestive Chin-chin was made by professional caterers in a food industry and not roadside sellers who just want to sell anything and make moneymoney.

Digestive chin-chin is a low sugar chin-chin, unlike the regular ones you see around that is full of sugar.  It is an ideal snack that will fill your stomach like it did to mine while I traveled a long distance. Instead of buying those unbranded chin-chin that is common around motor parks and bus terminals I would recommend you buy the Digestive Chin-chin. It is a healthy snack that will satisfy you and give you maximum value for your money.


Digestive chin-chin is a product of Pita Genesis industry limited, that is located at number 12b, Agbu-Ogbuefi street, woliwo layout, Onitsha, anambra state, Nigeria.


For more information and inuiries about the Digestive Chin-Chin, you can contact their  customer care line on 08037066376.


The price of the Digestive chin-chin snack is N50 which is very affordable and within the same price range of the other regular chin-chin snack. It can be readily found in your local shops, and supermarkets.


The Digestive chin-chin has a net weight of 60g. It is packed in an attractive  yellow wrapper.


Some of the close substitutes and alternatives of the Digestive chin-chin includes minie mie chin-chin.


From the review above and ofcourse my personal experience with the Digestive chin-chin we rate the Digestive chin-chin a good 6/10 on our rate scale. We recommend you give the Digestive chin-chin a trial mainly because of its low sugar/fat contents as compared to the regular chin-chin and its alternatives the have a relatively high sugar content.

I hope you enjoyed this review, please drop your user experience and comments about this product in the comment box below.

Have a nice day.

DIGESTIVE CHIN-CHIN REVIEW 2016 DIGESTIVE CHIN-CHIN REVIEW 2016 Reviewed by ReviewRites on 16:33 Rating: 5

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